FREE Online Workshop – The #YESpvd! 365 Project: Turn Your Hustle To A Business Written by hello on September 10, 2020

The #YESpvd! 365 Project: Turn Your Hustle Into A Business

Online Virtual Workshop w/ Anthony Sanders

Register Now: https://365project.yespvd.com/Turn-Your-Hustle-Into-A-Business

The virtual workshop will discuss the basics of entrepreneurship as well as the steps to effectively start a business.

Key Elements:

  • Discussions on definitions of an Entrepreneurs/ Entrepreneurship
  • 10 Steps to starting a business
  • Discuss the “buckets” of entrepreneur (account; marketing; strategist; salesperson, etc)
  • Defining your “why” breakout


Personal & Recreational:

  • Most Important Role: Father of 4
  • Location: Lifelong Providence resident
  • Non-employment activities: 4x Marathoner;
    15+ 1/2 marathoner; 1x 1/2 iron man 70.3; Triathlete
  • President of RWDCC Board
  • President of Hope High Alumni Association
  • Founding member of We Run This Town Running club

Professional Education & Employment:

  • Education: Attended MLK; Bishop; Hope High School
  • Post High school: NE CJ ‘94/ JWU MBA ‘08
  • Employment: Currently SIU Fraud Investigator Allstate Insurance
  • Business Owner: CEO of BeWoke Enterprises

FREE | All Ages

Register Now: https://365project.yespvd.com/Turn-Your-Hustle-Into-A-Business

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